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Major Announcement of Master's Degree in Biblical Literature 
with emphasis on Judeo-Christian Studies at Oral Roberts University

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That the World May Know 

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Our Father Abraham Workbook
This authorized workbook includes true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and activities that are related 
to each chapter of the very popular book, Our Father Abraham, by Dr. Marvin Wilson.  
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Mission Statement: To train, educate and equip both the Jew and the non-Jew 
for study of the rich Biblical/Hebraic Heritage of our faith.

HaY'Did (The Friend in Hebrew) is a neutral clearing house which reviews and stocks educational materials dealing in the subject matter of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. In addition to providing our subscribers with these educational materials at the lowest possible price, HaY'Did sponsors various teaching seminars on the relationship of Biblical festivals and their relationship to Chrisitan practice, and other teaching seminars all over the world. We also give support to our association member ministries through an ever growing network of volunteers. This is a volunteer organization and is always looking for other volunteers around the world to help with the task at hand.

Link to Dr. Richard Bookers article THE BATTLE FOR TRUTH   Middle East Myths  

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Which Bible do you recommend?
2006 saw the release of The Archaeological NIV Study Bible!
The Archaeological Study Bible gives you insights into the roots of the Bible that will stengthen your faith and open new vistas of knowledge and understanding. Like no other study Bible, this one provides a sweeping, detailed look at the lands and times of the Bible, bring to light the importance of ancient civilizations, practices, historical records and artifacts, literature, architecture, religions laws, wars and battles, political and monetary systems and historical figures. Full color interior - the first time ever in a complete study Bible. Over 8,000 study notes that highlight historical, archaeological, and cultural topics, over 500 articles cover five categories: Archaeological sites, cultural and Historical Notes, Ancient Peoples, Lands and Rulers, The Reliability of the Bible, Ancient Texts and Artifacts. Nearly 500 full color photographs, detailed book introduction with timelines, detailed charts on topics of particular importance, additional features include: concordance, cross-references, subject and feature indexes, and color maps. Bonus CD-rom: Searchable NIV text and many of the photographs, maps and charts included in the Bible." Zondervan is the publisher.

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Here are examples of the associate ministries that are teaching Jewish roots in our network: (listed alphabetically)

Mayim Hayim Ministries Phoenix, AZ

Allon Ministries Austin, TX 

Bridges for Peace Jerusalem, Israel/Tulsa, OK

Gospel Research Foundation Tulsa, OK

HaKesher, Inc. Tulsa, OK

Heart of Wisdom Tennessee

Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies Houston, TX

Jerusalem Perspective Online Magazine

Norway Site or Testimony of the Gwang Family (English)

Philip Nowland Huntingdonshire, England

Potter's Clay Ministries OKC, OK

Restoration Foundation Atlanta, GA

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