Top Five Free Spiritual Apps that Can Transform Your Life

In today’s world, we have very little time to do the things we did when we were younger, or that our parents and grandparents did. In this quick-paced life that we lead, there is not enough room to stop and consider our physical and mental health. Developing and working on your spirituality can actually be one of the most efficient ways to combat stress and fatigue. And just like there are apps created for sports fans who maybe use bet365 in their free time, there are apps for spiritual and religious people as well. Here, we present five apps that you can use to improve your quality of life.

Insight Timer

This app is designed to help you with meditation and sleep. It has a massive library of almost five thousand meditations, classified by length and topic, so you can choose one that suits you best. There is also a big audio library of relaxing music that you can play in order to clear your head of everyday worries. For a better quality of sleep, you can choose from a variety of binaural sounds, to help your body sleep better and regenerate. This app is free for both Apple and Android users, so why not try it?

The Kindness App

This is an app that is all about kindness. Many religions and philosophies urge us to be kinder to one another, and this app helps you do just that. It does not matter whether you own an iOS or an Android phone; you can use it all the same. It is based on the principle that doing kind things every day makes you feel better, as well. You can log your acts of kindness into your app, develop your character, and unlock more possibilities with more kind acts.

Good News Network

It is scientifically proven that our state of mind can be influenced by the news that we read every day; bad news can just jumble up our whole day. With that in mind, this app provides both iOS and Android users with an assortment of good news every day. They can be sorted into various categories and read unlimitedly.

Simply Being

For those who enjoy meditating frequently, or doing meditation yoga, this little app is a really good tool that you can add into your daily routine. It times your meditations, and you can choose whether you want to listen to a soothing female voice or play relaxing music. If you do not go for either of these things, you can always choose from a variety of nature sounds to make your meditation session complete.


Made by alternative medicine experts and gurus, this little app is full of elements that can help you gain healthier habits in life. You can track your personal growth, your nutrition, sleep habits, and the app even helps you by giving you healthy tips you can follow during the day, like standing up and taking breaks every once in a while.

Regardless of whether you are a student or a working person with a busy schedule, one (or more) of these handy little free apps can do wonders for your mental health and spirituality, we highly recommend trying one out for yourself!