Five Spiritual Practices That Can Change Your Life

The world inevitably changes. Every day, we bear witness to the tempo of life getting faster and faster, and we do not have as much free time for relaxing and self-care. That kind of pace can surely be detrimental for our mental health. Depression is on the rise, both in adults and in younger people, and suicides are becoming increasingly more common worldwide, both in ordinary people and celebrities, which should be a warning to everyone that they need to take their spirituality more seriously. With that in mind, we present five little spiritual practices that you can implement every single day to change the quality of your life for the better.

Being nice

This may seem ridiculous, but this is one of the most practical spiritual advice you can get. With this pace of life, there is almost no time to stop and look around. But by trying consciously to be nicer every day, and do a kind thing every once in a while, you will quickly feel a difference in your mood and a change in your spirit.


This is an ancient practice that is a few thousand years old. Due to the hassle of everyday life, our mind often becomes cluttered with worries and unnecessary information, which can cause additional stress, headaches, and even trigger diseases. Meditation is a very easy way of battling this, and it can be done virtually anywhere, even during your commute. All you need is a pair of headphones and some relaxing music, and you’re all set. Close your eyes, clear your mind, and let all the worries of this world pass you by. The positive effect is obvious from the very first session.

Create a morning routine

A good morning is a foundation on which you build on throughout the day. Because of that, creating a good morning routine that can lift your spirits and have you going to work or school in a good mood is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself. Light stretching as you wake up, prayer, yoga, or an activity of your choice that builds a routine and makes you feel better is the perfect dose of satisfaction that can help you begin your day on a more positive note, and be in tune with your spiritual side.

Less talking and more listening

Even Shakespeare’s Polonius taught his son to “give every man thine ear, but few thy voice”. The world we live in is making us egocentric, and we speak too often about irrelevant things. A simple way of remedying that is avoiding speaking too often, and considering whether what you are saying is important or not. On the other hand, be more interested in what the other person has to say. You will not only feel better, but the other person will have more respect for you.

Be more grateful

In ourselves, we tend to focus only on our troubles and the things that worry us and fill us with stress. On the other hand, when we view other people, we tend to see the good things they have in life, without looking at their worries and hardships. By switching the perspective, starting to look positively at the good things in life, and being thankful for the good things that we have in life, we will greatly reduce the negative energy that surrounds us.

Some of these tips may seem simple. Too simple. But the fact is that the modern way of life does not provide us with much room for big tactics and changes in life. This is precisely why little hacks like this can help improve your quality of life.